Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Meeting Sharon Hill - US Wedding Planning Mentor

(Sharon Hill & Wedding Daze having lunch!)

In July 2010 we recently had the pleasure of meeting the lovely Sharon Hill, US Wedding Planning Mentor in the beautiful city of San Francisco.

We have never met in person or spoken on the phone, our entire relationship has been through Twitter and Facebook, this social networking phenomenon has been fantastic for us as a business! We have met many fantastic suppliers in the wedding industry and also lots of Brides and Grooms to be!

When we decided to visit California for our honeymoon (yes we recently got married, but more on that later!) we asked Sharon if she would like to meet up in person! It was fabulous to meet Sharon, who has over 19 years event planning experience. Sharon has a passion for all things wedding, we were able to discuss the wedding industry both in the US and the UK. It was great to compare and chat about the differences in cultures when planning a couples wedding.

After many years of planning corporate events and weddings, Sharon now mentors individuals on starting a successful wedding planning business, and also blogs on issues wedding and event planners come across when working with their clients. Sharon has written an ebook 'Become a Top Wedding Planner - Start a Successful Wedding Planning Business' - which is a valuable tool for anyone starting their own wedding planning business.

We wanted to thank Sharon for a lovely lunch and for also blogging about Wedding Daze. Sharon’s lovely post on us can be seen here. We hope that in the near future Sharon comes to the UK and we can meet again, until this time we will keep tweeting! :-)

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  1. Hi Emma and Vincent,

    Thank you so much for your very sweet post about our visit. I truly enjoyed meeting the two of you and was very impressed by the wonderfully detailed destination wedding that you planned for yourselves. (I hope you add that to your services.)

    I can tell you have a passion for weddings and a genuine desire to give your couples the weddings they want.

    It was fabulous meeting you in person and I hope we meet again.