Sunday, January 3, 2010

2010 wedding trends....

Fantastic wedding tips & inspiration for 2010 from SIMONE SANT-GHURAN

Even though today’s column is chock full of my favourite ideas for 2010, truth is, I’ve been planning this column for most of 2009—through observing and reading about international bridal trends, by going to weddings, attending bridal shows and of course, by listening to what brides and grooms have to say on our Web site: So, as we herald in 2010, a brand new decade beckons us to say “hello” to a few refreshing changes in wedding planning and to some unique approaches. Hold on to your New Year’s Eve top hats and tiaras, because here we go:

logo1. Unusual “trio” colour combos—2009 was all about blues, greens, pinks, turquoise, teal, yellow, orange and fuchsia, with lavender and grey as the neutrals. The trend of black and white, made popular in 2008, also continued into 2009. In 2010, we can look forward to purple, ruby red and turquoise being the all-out favourites and to ultra daring colour trios such as:
a. Fuchsia, black and turquoise;
b. Plum, chocolate brown and yellow;
c. Aqua, teal and yellow;
d. Coral, kiwi-green and ivory.

2. Be gone boring bouquets!—Apart from flowers, brides’ bouquets can now incorporate some surprises such as feathers or crystals threaded through thin wires that mingle amongst the blooms. Another trend is the addition of a photo charm or a locket into your bouquet, which is a touching and personal way to remember a relative who has passed away. You can even have each bridesmaid carry a different type of bouquet. 

3. Cute carry-alls—Your flower girl doesn’t have to carry a basket filled with petals, how about a large seashell brimming with petals instead, now wouldn’t that be especially lovely for a beach-inspired wedding? The ring bearer doesn’t necessarily need a ring pillow either, how about a beautiful jewel box in silk, mother of pearl, crystal or porcelain?

4. Pet Love!—When my cousin got married in the US recently, her dog and her fiancé’s dog played integral parts in the ceremony. If you’re a pet lover, try incorporating your beloved pooch, cat or birds into your reception; if the venue will allow it! If they can’t be there physically, have their images reproduced on your save the date cards, escort cards or on your programmes.

5. Eco-friendly wedding favours—More than ever, today’s brides and grooms are more aware of the environmental impact of their wedding and some are wise to choose wedding favours that have been recycled, re-purposed or those that are biodegradable or use minimal packaging. Couples can even give guests edible favours, which won’t go to waste!

6. Bridesmaids just wanna have fun!—That means they don’t all have to match! That’s right, you can opt to have your maid of honour wear a printed dress and then have the bridesmaids wear solid colours to co-ordinate with her print or vice versa.

Next week, I’ll take you through some of the bridal fashion trends for 2010!

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