Monday, October 12, 2009

Eco Friendly Weddings - Oxfam wedding favours & gift lists

This weekend I went to the National Wedding Show at the NEC in Birmingham with Helen from PH Weddings. Based in Sheffield, PH Weddings offer fabulous, informal and stylish photography which will capture your special day, providing a life time of memorable images.

The National Wedding Show is the largest wedding fayre of its kind in the UK. It takes place both in Birmingham at the NEC and also in London at Earls Court. It could be classed as a one stop shop for all your wedding day purchases!

One supplier product that particularly stood out was Oxfam, at first glance this is perhaps not your typical wedding supplier. But as a wedding planner, I am always looking for quirky wedding ideas. This is one such idea, and I wanted to share it with you.

The charity Oxfam is offering couples the chance to have a wedding list and favours with a twist, whilst allowing you to help the charity on your wedding day. This is a great idea, the concept is unique and it helps the charity fund its work in Brazil, Pakistan, Ghana – the gifts are spread over 60 countries. With eco and green weddings becoming more popular and couples sourcing low carbon suppliers or products, this is a great compliment to any such style wedding.

Oxfam gift list, here is how it works…

Create a wedding or civil partnership list unlike any other with Oxfam Unwrapped. You could go for a couple of goats. Plant the perfect community garden. Or maybe even kit out a whole classroom or two. Whatever’s on your list, every single gift is guaranteed to make a big difference way beyond your big day.

All the shopping happens online so you can set up your list in just a few clicks. You can even personalise your list page with a photo and a message to all your guests.

Once you’re registered, we’ll send you a set of gift list cards to include with your invitations. Or if you’re going paperless, there’s a nifty email widget you can use instead. Then simply watch your decidedly different gifts come rolling in.

Finally, after your wedding we’ll send you a special memento pack, including the complete list of who’s bought what. So you’ll never forget the difference you and your guests made on your special day.

Oxfam unforgettable favours, here is how it works…

Want to give your guests a little something, but had enough of sugared almonds? Our wedding favour packs make it easy to add something a little different to your day. Guaranteed to raise a smile, these favours will be helping to make a big difference on your big day.

Each pack buys an amazing list of world-changing gifts from the Oxfam Unwrapped catalogue and comes complete with 50 assorted table cards in eight different designs. They make the perfect place settings, guaranteed to raise a smile and get those tables talking.

Give Oxfam Unwrapped wedding favours your own twist. You could buy your bridesmaids a bag of seeds each from Oxfam Unwrapped and pot-up a seedling to go with them. One couple, Chris and Claire Gill, bought each table a different gift and made matching jigsaw puzzle place names. The possibilities are endless. Use our gifts as your inspiration to create something completely unique to you.

Other fabulous Oxfam ideas….

Oxfam has ten bridal departments across the UK, all of which offer a warm welcome, specialist advice and a wide selection of bridal wear and accessories. Many dresses are donated by designers, so you can buy the wedding dress of your dreams for much less that you would expect. A smaller range is also available online.

And after your wedding day, why not donate your wedding dress to Oxfam, allowing the charity to continue its good work and also letting another bride feel as fabulous as you did on your wedding day!

Happy planning,

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  1. I really like the idea of helping out charities etc for wedding list. We decided to have a justgiving list for ours with all the donations going to Marie Curie. Some people bought us presents anyway, some gave us money that they wanted us to spend on ourselves, but most people donated to our charity which was fantastic as we didn;t get loads of crockery we didn't need and ended up raising £4K for charity!

  2. Awh thank your for sharing this story with this! It's fabulous that you were able to integrate giving to charity on your wedding day. Its a fantastic idea, and we hope more couples use this idea.