Friday, October 23, 2009

Papakata – Beautiful tents for amazing events…

Last weekend, The Wedding Daze went along to York to the Papakata Open Day. Papakata specialise in hiring out Kata tents - these teepee style tents were pioneered by the Sami people of Lapland.

apakata's own words
‘They're utterly gorgeous, and
make for a very different sort of party space than a run-of-the-mill marquee’.

This is indeed true, upon arrival to the open day we were wowed by the grand and instant impact of the teepee tents. The teepee tents are like no wedding venue we have seen before; they are truly stunning and completely bespoke to suit your unique wedding day. The teepee tent makes the perfect outdoor and indoor combination for your wedding day celebrations.

The facts…

Each teepee holds up to 100 guests for a party and 70 guests for a sit down dinner, teepee tents are then put together to suit your numbers and style. So if you would like a blessing in the teepee, a sit down meal or a dance floor – the teepee is built to suit your individual needs.

The atmosphere…

If you choose a stunning teepee tent to host your wedding day, you want to ensure the inside is just as stunning. The Papakata open day showed that the inside of a teepee tent is just as stunning as the outside, the interior was snug, warm and inviting! A large log fire glowed in the middle of the tent, creating an inviting atmosphere, wooden benches with cushions and fur rugs were comfortable and unimposing. The tables were set up for a wedding breakfast, beautiful crockery from Harrogate based company, Vintage Tea Chest perfectly accompanied the teepee style. The teepee also has a chill out area, comfy sofas, rugs and cushions allowed you to relax next to the snug fire pit.

The planning…

The extras for your wedding day, such as catering, bar, entertainment and venue styling can all be hired individually and made to suit your personal requirements. It is worth remembering that holding a teepee wedding takes a lot of pre wedding planning. All the extras need to be booked

and brought together to ensure your wedding day runs smoothly and to plan. But once the whole event is planned, it will be truly stunning and memorable – making your wedding stand out and be amazing!

Happy planning

Vincent & Emma x


  1. I've had the pleasure to take photos at a Papakata wedding and you are right that there is a double Wow!

    First when you see them in the landscape as they look so natural with the Yorkshire countryside and then there is the second wow when you get inside and the wonderful shapes the tipis make along with the warm fires and furnishings.

    I can't wait to take photos at another.

  2. Dear Brian, many thanks for your comments. A Papakata wedding is stunning, we are jealous that you got to photograph one! What is your website, we would love to see the images.

    Emma & Vincent

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