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Cherish the Dress™ Photo Shoot by Chris Hanley

Cherish the Dress™ Photo Shoot by Chris Hanley
‘Make your dress a star, not the victim'

At the Wedding Daze we are big fans of the Golden era and the actresses Grace Kelly, Marilyn Monroe and Audrey Hepburn. Imagine our surprise and delight when we came across Chris Hanley's website and the Cherish the Dress concept. Chris Hanley is a leading wedding, fashion, and portrait photographer. Chris's concept of Cherish the dress™ is to put a thoroughly British twist on the very American ‘Trash the Dress’ concept. Take a peep through a small selection of the stunning images that Chris and his team have captured.

Chris Hanley gives the Wedding Daze an insight into his Cherish the Dress™ concept.

Many brides… hate the idea of ruining a dress that they have paid many thousands of pounds for. It’s not just the money either, respect for the dress designer is a key factor too. After all, they have carefully sculpted and worked the fabric of the dress to create a uniquely beautiful garment. The bride’s mum would likely be horrified to know that her darling daughter had disrespected her dress to the point of destruction. But not in America it seems, and that is the point. We’ve all seen the pictures of the bride with her dress on fire or floating in a lake and very recently paintballed! and quite frankly I’d have trouble selling that concept to my clients.

Cherish isn't just about wedding dresses though, Why not any dress, even a prom dress? Another American tradition that has crossed the Atlantic in the past few years. So we set about creating a concept where everyone is a winner and came up with the brand Cherish the dress™ together with the slogan - ‘Make your dress a star, not the victim’.

The shoots happen in fine hotels, penthouse apartments, city centre cafés, and if the weather is fine then urban exteriors too. There are no wedding day pressures, no weather worries, and plenty of time to get the hair and make up perfect between shots. Concentrating the shoots in locations of splendor, beauty and opportunity maximise the client’s enjoyment of wearing their dress again.

It’s not just a girls shoot either, we get husbands and boyfriends involved too. It’s a bit like a very dressy pre wedding shoot but post wedding or post event. There’s room for passion and romance too. There’s time to use off camera lighting creatively and a fantastic opportunity to put together a collection of fine art prints.

Cherish the dress™ is now an established genre of photography, Chris Hanley as the creator and pioneer has had many clients including celebrities eager to experience our concept, The shoots have been shot in many places around Europe, and the Manchester Hilton being very popular.

Vintage Shoot dates are available throughout 2010 and 2011 on the railway or any European location
Please visit and let Chris Hanley create a photographic masterpiece for you.

The Wedding Daze would like to thank Chris Hanley and his team for allowing us to use these stunning images and spread the word about the innovative and delightful Cherish the Dress™ Photo Shoot.

Credits: The "Vintage" Team

Photography Chris Hanley
Dress designer Kathryn Hanson.
Make up Artist Samantha Gardner
Hair Stylist Victoria Cunningham from Salon7Hair 01772 434777
Shoot Director Claire Hanley
Jenni Hanson as Grace Kelly
Natalie McGrath as Audrey Hepburn
Lianne Taylor as Marilyn

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