Monday, May 3, 2010

Shoe Montage from PH Weddings - Wedding Photographer.

Wedding Daze are very excited to be working with PH Weddings on a number of exciting projects this year. In this blog post PH Weddings tell us more about the photography they offer and also about an exciting new trend they have started in shoe photography!

Sheffield based Wedding Photographers, PH Weddings is run by husband and wife team Paul and Helen. Helen explains that having a male and female photographer team gives the couple two different perspectives on their wedding day. Helen loves all wedding details and still buys wedding magazines despite being married for 4 years now!

Helen really understands what is important to a bride and how the smallest details have been planned out years in advance. On the wedding day morning Helen is with the bride as she is getting ready while Paul is with the groom getting shots of him looking nervous.

Helen was looking for a different perspective to pose the bride’s shoes in the morning when she came across a light fitting in the bride’s mothers house that looked ideal, Helen hung the shoes on the light fitting and snapped away. The bridesmaids were very intrigued and a trend was born! Since this Helen has endeavored to find more light fittings on each wedding day to hang shoes and has even been known to hang shoes on a tree branch! Brides now joke with Helen and make sure they give her the shoes first on the wedding day, she is looking forward to shooting a bride with some Jimmy Choo shoes later on in 2010.

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