Sunday, October 17, 2010

Wedding Daze: Supporting the Any Campaign

Getting Married?
Want to get married at anytime & in the location of your choice?

The marriage laws in the UK constrain couples to get married under a permanent structure, it must also have a roof and foundations! The ceremony must be licensed by a local registrar and take place between 8am - 6pm.

If you dream of getting married outside, perhaps in the countryside watching the sunset then we are afraid to say your dream wedding celebration can not become a reality. The marriage laws in the UK (which were decided in 1837) are outdated to couples who want a unique and memorable wedding celebration.

This is why we are backing the Any Campaign. This campaign needs 1000 British signatures for the campaign to be presented to the British Government. The campaign is being driven by Tino and Pip who want to... well you've guessed it get married Anytime & Anyplace!

Wedding Daze would like to wish the Any Campaign the best of luck! We are backing you all the way , please sign up and support them here :-)

Emma & Vincent x

1 comment:

  1. It would be nice if this included anyONE as well.

    I think not being able to get married outside is a very small issue compared to not having the right to marry your partner.