Friday, December 18, 2009

Amanda Wyatt Bridal Wear

Vincent and I are getting married in July 2010 (very excited!), after many months of looking through the wedding magazines and websites I choose an Amanda Wyatt wedding gown from Hoops a Daisy bridal wear shop in Wakefield. I can not recommend these ladies highly enough, their service was fabulous and friendly.

I can not say which wedding gown I have chosen as Vincent might read this, but after July 2010 I will post images and reveal all! I was first drawn to Amanda’s collection by her stunning ad campaigns in the wedding magazines. Her simple one image of a wedding gown in a magazine, really caught my eye! I then became interested in Amanda and her background in designing bridal wear.

Amanda was introduced into bridal wear at a very early age, as her parents started in the bridal wear business whilst she was of the tender age of one. During her years at college she worked on a part time basis in the retail side of the business before spending some time living and working in the USA. She returned to take up a position in the manufacturing company and spent many years gaining extensive knowledge and experience in all aspects of the industry. In January 1994 she took her knowledge, experience and flair to develop her own label - Amanda Wyatt. Since then the company has grown into one of the top names in the UK and throughout Europe.

I wanted to share this lovely family story with you, it is fantastic to know that Amanda was inspired from such a young age to be apart of the bridal wear business. Amanda has past this inspiration onto her daughter Charlotte Balbier. Charlotte came into the bridal world in 2003 and her wedding dress collection is also visually stunning with an added fairytale femininity it is a very beautiful collection. If I was to choose my wedding dress again, it would be difficult to decide between the two labels.

I hope this blog has given you a little insight into the history of Amanda Wyatt bridal wear and that you choose a dress from either Amanda's or Charlotte's collection.

Above is the dress named Geneva - I love the colour of this dress!


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  3. Ah wow congratulations and thankyou for being a Amanda Wyatt bride!. We are all delighted to have chosen one of our gowns for your special day..... can't wait to find out what style is 'your one' and see you in it on your wedding day.
    Love Amanda and all at Amanda Wyatt xxxxxxxx

  4. Many thanks for all your lovely comments! Emma & Vincent x x x