Saturday, December 26, 2009

Wedding Wellington Boots...

The beautiful white snow is now beginning to melt in Yorkshire - boo! It has left the pathways and roads very slushy and wet. If you are getting married this winter, why not purchase a pair of bespoke wedding wellington boots! These are fabuous for keeping your feet nice and dry on your wedding day. They will also make for a very quirky set of wedding pictures, that will bring many memories for years to come.

The stunning pearlescent ones (pictured above) are from Weddington Boots and are available from January 2010. Designed by Jen Hewlett, Weddington Boots are hand manufactured using 100% high quality natural rubber, waterproof with soft cotton lining and EVA insole for added comfort. Available in gorgeous pearlescent white, they add a unique touch to your wedding day attire. Not only will your boots be the envy of all, but they can be customised to match any outfit or colour scheme with its changeable satin ribbon!

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